St. Louis

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You've been out there traipsing 'round the world

And I can't even imagine what you've seen,

What you've heard,

Where you've been,

 It all baffles me.


But I will sit and listen patiently,

While your lips paint breathtaking scenery.

And I'll fall in love,

With places I've never met.


But oh, can't you hear the sun glistening from the Arch?

It's screaming "Please, come back,

And meet me in St. Louis."


Now, I've been across the pond a time or two,

Crossed those ancient streets, let healing waters soothe.

But it's nothing

to that look on your face.


Well, I've seen that gypsy soul behind your eyes.

That wanderlust now tucked within your smile.

You've got a restless heart

this city just cannot hold.


But oh, can't you hear the breeze adriftin' from the Miss?

It's pleading "Please, come back,

And meet me in St. Louis."


No matter where this crazy road may go,

From Newfoundland or down to San Antone

When you feel that ache,

You know she's calling.


She's calmly screaming, crying, pleading


Oh, can't you hear the song that's written on your soul?

It's calling, "Please, come back,

Oh, and meet me in St. Louis."


2015 © Jacqui Treco Music. All rights reserved.

Jacqui Treco