The Reason That She Sings: A Mother's Take

[A few years ago], my husband, Vaughn, made a FaceBook post in which he answered a question that had been banging around in his head as he thought about the incredible singer-songwriter that Jacqui was becoming. I really enjoyed his post, but it got me to thinking about the important place that music has in my own life.

If you know me in the slightest, you’d know that no matter how much I thought about the reason that Jacqui sings, I would never have gotten the nerve up to post my thoughts to Facebook! But, being as he is, Vaughn encouraged me to do just that! So, here I am…

Ah, well! Serves me right for marrying a precocious, Bahamian man!

Anyhow… here goes!

My life has been filled with music!

Music has always been a part of my life.

My fondest early memories are of singing with my brothers and sisters in church or at family get togethers. And, since I was the youngest girl in the family (and the 9th of Les & Phyllis Turner's 10 children), I grew up listening to the 45s and LPs that Cathy, Audrey, Steve, Angie, Sandie, Phil, and Melody would play around the house! (My brother, Ken, enjoyed the free music, too!)

By the time that I got up the courage to sing out loud (I was 10), I had already found my niche: I sang harmony!

When I was singing in the pews at the Princeton Bible Church.... I would listen for a part to sing!

If my high school best friend (and, later, Maid of Honor) Carol and I were listening to the radio together... She'd sing the melody as I chased after one of the harmony lines!

When I joined the Princeton High School (singing with Brenda) and Trinity College (with Kenna Ramsbottom Washington) choirs, I sang Alto... In other words, I sang harmony!

It seemed that no matter where I was or who I was with, I found myself looking for the supporting part I was meant to play: Put another way, whether in life or in song, I sang harmony.

So, it didn't take long for me to discover the sweetness of harmony!

Just after crossing the threshold of 20, I married Vaughn. He was a bright, colorful and passionate young Bible student training to be a pastor. Vaughn has many gifts, and it would've been easy enough for me to become the wallpaper in his full life! But, in our marriage, my affinity for singing harmony made it possible for us to enjoy our life together in Illinois, Minnesota, Nassau, Kansas, Virginia, [and back to Minnesota], to be better than I would have ever thought possible.

When we had our first child, Mike, I would sing to him:

"I love you, Michael.
O, yes, I do!
I love you, Michael.
And, I'll be true!
When you're not happy,
I'm blue.
O Michael, mommy loves you!"

...and with him:

"Jesus loves me this I know.
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong.
They are weak,
but He is strong."

When our daughters came along, the singing continued!

Our family has had its share of trials and tribulations...many of which came to us as we journeyed from the safety and security of our Evangelical heritage through Anglicanism to the unknown (to us) world of the Catholic Church. But, our song kept going...and I kept singing harmony!

Jacqui once told me of the vivid memories she has of me singing song after song to her sister, Cathryn, as I tried to help her get to sleep.

"My Jesus, my Savior,
Lord there is none like You!
All of my days,
I want to praise,
the wonders of your mighty love.
My comfort, my shelter,
Tower of refuge and strength.
Let every breath,
All that I am,
Never cease to worship you!"

"Shout to the Lord, all the earth, let us sing;
Power and majesty, praise to our king;
Mountains bow down and the seas will roar;
At the sound of your name;"

I never learned to play an instrument, and, in my insaner moments, I may regret that. But, not really!

From time to time, I've told people that my voice was the first and only instrument I learned to play. And, I've played it often — and most often in the background — and, hopefully, well! And, even — or especially — today, I am most happy when I am singing with my husband and children!

Music has touched my soul, when little else did. And, throughout my life, God has used it to cheer me, encourage me, heal me, and correct me.

So, if you were to ask me, about the reason that Jacqui sings, my answer — not surprisingly — would resonate as a kind of harmony to the one Vaughn posted a couple days ago:

I believe that Jacqui sings because she can't help it! Her whole life is riddled through with song, and the music that has shaped every fiber of her being is simply working its way out through her hands and fingers and voice!

Vaughn and I are hoping — and praying — that the music that animates Jacqui's life will make its way into the hearts and souls of others.

If that happens, I believe that God will use her music to cheer, encourage, correct and heal!


Love always,
(aka Jacqui's mom)

P.S. BTW – Jacqui isn't the only Turner or Treco child that has had music sung into their soul either. If you don't believe me, just ask Nick, JoJo & Shawn; Paula, Johnna & Justin; Aaron & Andrew; Matthew, Tory & Shane; Nathan & Jacob; Shannon & Jeremy; David, Jonathan& Joshua; Gregory, Eboni & Mathenee ; Meaghan & Ira; Sadye, Derek Derek & Racquelle; Ria , Rhondi , Ronquil & Ramanda; Lyric & Duet; Leah, Jordan, Adam & Jonathan; Mike & Cathryn; Brittany, Jacinda, Bronte & Robert!


Originally posted on FaceBook | November 14 at 3:01pm

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